Justin Webb
Justin WebbFounder and Managing Director

Justin Webb – Founder and Managing Director

 Justin is a veteran technologist who has served in various leadership positions for more than two decades across public and private industry.  He has held appointments in multinational financial institutions (Europe, North America, Asia), government entities (military, state government), Fortune 500 companies, within higher education, within retail entertainment/hospitality, as a consultant and as an entrepreneur.  He has served in advisory and board positions for numerous organizations including regional non-profit service organizations, small businesses, startup companies, hospitals, universities and for major software providers.

Justin has a passion for growing businesses and helping them navigate change, with a specific focus on using applied technology to present operational efficiencies and improve the customer experience.  While serving as an executive and Chief Information Officer in several organizations, he noted a changing landscape in the use of Information Technology throughout businesses, prompting the founding of X1 Consulting in 2014 to address this evolution across various industries.

Some of his specific areas of expertise include: Advising and Consulting, Strategic Planning, Problem and Crisis Management, Team Leadership and Personnel Development, Information Technology Architecture and Systems Integration, Process Engineering and Project Management.

Personal Interests: Justin enjoys spending time with his family, movies, fly fishing in exotic destinations, skydiving and finding other ways to enjoy the great outdoors. He is almost always involved in a home improvement project and you will regularly find him at Home Depot.