“It’s tough to see the whole picture from inside the frame…”

X1 blends our extensive experience with a completely objective view of our client partners. We take the time to understand our clients and their businesses, looking at the organization and services from multiple perspectives. People, culture, budgets, specialties, industry, customers…we work to understand the holistic picture of a client – and we take that into account when creating solutions that make sense for their organization.


Some of Our Specialties

IT Strategic Planning

Most organizations know where they would like to go, but few take the time to clarify goals and define the steps needed to actually get there. We help organizations to develop a solid strategy that aligns technology with their business and operational goals to optimally position them for future success. We work with their leadership, teams and vendors – identifying clear paths to mitigate risks and realize opportunities that take organizations to an increased level of capability, maturity and service.

Assessment and Customer Experience Work

X1 conducts detailed, holistic assessments of the People, Process and Technology of organizations – utilizing our proprietary, SWOT-based approach as the foundation for near-term and long-term improvement recommendations. While we look deeply within the organization, we also work to ensure that internal expectations align with what your partners and customers are looking for.

Due Diligence and Transaction Support

We assist leadership teams (private equity / investment firms, owners, board members) to objectively evaluate their technology and its alignment with the company. Prior to acquisition, we help to evaluate companies and create understanding of what investors are buying. Before a sale, we help to prepare existing assets for transaction readiness. As a part of a merger, we help the company align and determine the best solutions for the combined entity. We’re a partner you can rely on before, during, and after the deal.

Project Delivery

Many of our clients have capable teams, but simply lack the bandwidth to focus on specific projects, in addition to keeping the engines running. We partner with them to provide management oversight for key strategic projects, working with internal teams and vendors to ensure successful delivery. We help to lead these projects and maintain momentum, but also facilitate transition of new responsibilities or systems to appropriate operations teams. We clear excuses and help you move projects forward.

Advisory or Fractional CIO / CTO – Proven Experience

Our team members bring decades of experience in various technology leadership and people management roles. This practical, real-world experience allows us serve as ongoing advisors for organizations without full-time requirement or budget for a CIO/CTO, but who need a trusted partner that can help inform their technology decisions. We also provide interim assistance for vacant leadership roles to ensure continuity of operations, while assisting in finding the right permanent leadership and establish them for success.

Coaching, Mentoring & Team Development

We provide assistance and coaching to mentor and develop IT leaders including Directors, CIOs and CTOs. We also align with these leaders in helping them to build and grow full-time technology support, development or operations teams. We bring the proven experience of building and leading high-performing IT teams, and we help to pass along our lessons learned to those leaders interested in improving themselves and their teams.

Staffing, Search, Hiring and Placement

Finding the right talent is a challenge. You’re looking for a combination of personality, experience, skill set and initiative…or sometimes you aren’t even certain what you need. Rather than settle for average candidates who apply to generic job postings, we help you find and onboard the best talent for your organization. We take the time and burden off of you by helping with defining roles, creating job descriptions, sourcing candidates, screening & interviewing and onboarding key IT roles (including CIOs and CTOs). We will work with you, your HR team or recruiting firms to find best fit candidates for long-term organizational success.

Software Development, Systems Integration & Business Intelligence

When you have application needs, our delivery team is here to assist. Custom software development, product evaluation and selection, systems integration, business intelligence solutions and mobile applications – we have outstanding, proven talent that can help across a variety of technology stacks and applications.

A Few Clients and Strategic Partners

How We Work

People, Process then Technology

We work to ensure you have the right resources and to improve operational processes before making technological recommendations and changes.

Our experience shows that having the right resources (people) is critical to ensuring ongoing success. Every organization needs the right talent to get the job done, whether that is among your full-time staff or as a part of an extended vendor support network.

Next, we work toward is helping you to refine your processes. We will help you address gaps in operational processes or establish new IT processes in support and execution of business needs. Along with this, we’re working to reduce risks to the organization, including single points of failure that may exist.

The final element we focus on is your technology…technology based on inefficient or improper process will only increase cost, complexity and may amplify problems within your business. Once a strong foundation is in place, you are in a position to better select, upgrade and implement technology that will have positive impact to your business.

Our Methodology


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